Armory 1.2: Workspaces and switching between projects

Since the last publication there have been a number of major and minor changes in the Armory plugin, some of them are described in this article.


Switching between projects

As it is known, Intellij Idea allows you to work on multiple projects simultaneously, opening each one in a separate window. With this approach, switching between projects is carried out using the standard method for your OS to navigate between windows, which, for several reasons, is not the most convenient way to select the project.

Why is it uncomfortable?

  • Switching between windows is different on various operating systems.
  • It is difficult to distinct one project from another by its preview image.
  • All project have the same icon.
  • It is impossible to select closed project. To do this you have to go to Recent Projects.
  • There is no way to sort them alphabetically.

That is why we made a separate window, in which there are simultaneously collected both opened and recent projects and which is accessible by HotKey from any Intellij Idea window. This is the entire list of projects with different sorting modes and functions to open, close or remove the elements. In the screenshot on the left you see how this window looks. Icons are generated by an algorithm like GitHub from the name of the project as a seed.


Workspace List

The second innovation will be useful for those who are already familiar with the Armory's "multi-tree" approach, but would like to have more flexibility by switching to different pre-configured sets of trees. You can now configure multiple workspaces for a project for each specific task and look at the source code from different angles by switching between them.

Now it is not necessary to "harm" your customized WorkSpace, if all of a sudden you urgently needed to go to the other sections of your code. Just create a temporary WorkSpace and indulge in the creative chaos inside it, and after completing your operation just delete it.

The window "Workspace List" in fact is a transformed pre-existing window «Tree Views» enhanced with two-dimensional navigation (up or down). Each row corresponds to its set of trees, and the buttons on the right let you move or delete a WorkSpace. View animation.


Other improvements

The plugin became more responsive during indexation. You do not have to wait until IDEA is completing file scan in order to open either the Armory's tab or the history window.

Added support for WebStorm and now the plugin is assembled via jdk 1.6. That allows the plugin to function properly if the IDE, for some reason, is launched under the old version of Java.

The plugin is still free for IntelliJ Idea Community Edition, also now you can get a free license to use the Armory under any of the supported platforms (PhpStorm, IDEA Ultimate, WebStorm, AndroidStudio and PyCharm) to work on a non-commercial OpenSource project. It's enough to e-mail support and to specify the link to the source code of your project.

Thank you for your attention!