Armory has been designed as a tool for managing big sophisticated projects with hundreds of classes and files on the board. The main aim of this tool is to reduce the cognitive load on the developer by reinventing some of the principal ways how workspace can be organized.

This document describes most basic functions of the Armory plugin and can be used as general guidlines for it.

Creating and Managing Tree Views

The Armory tool window lets you look at your project from various viewpoints and perform the tasks such as creating new items (directories, packages, files, classes, etc.), opening files in the editor, navigating to the code fragment of interest, and more.

The Armory tool window can contains one or more Tree Views inside. A new Tree View can be created by one of the following ways:

  • By selecting menu item Add Tree View in the options menu.
  • By dragging an element to the existing Tree View edge.
  • By choosing menu item Add as Root to...  (Ctrl + Up shortcut) in the element context menu.


Reordering of the Tree Views is available by dragging in the Tree View title.

Managing Tree View Roots

Each Tree View can contain many Root Elements inside. There are several ways how to add a new Root Element to the Tree View:

  • By dragging an element to the title area.
  • By selecting Add as Root context menu item.
  • From keyboard by pressing shortcut Ctrl + Up and selecting desirable Tree View

Removing Root Elements is available by dragging them to the title area.

Grouping Elements

Sometimes it is very useful to group certain elements by logic. If you don't want to create a separate class or package you can combine elements in a group. This does not affect the structure of the code, but visual perception of the class may become noticeably easier. 

Grouping is available for the following types of the elements:

  • Files and folders
  • Classes and interfaces
  • Class members (methods, fields)

Ungrouping of the existing group is available by one of the following ways:

  • By pressing Del key on the group
  • By selecting Ungroup menu item in the context menu

Creating and Managing Sorting Schemes

The order of the elements in the Tree View is defined by the current sorting scheme. To change the order you need to select a preset option or to create a new sorting scheme. To toggle the collation sequence you can click either the toolbar button or the context menu item.

The illustration below shows how to change the sorting scheme through the toolbar button.

The following picture makes it clear how to select your preference via the context menu item of the tree.

To create new sorting schemes and to edit existing ones please go to the corresponding section of Armory Settings > Sorting Schemes. Here you can change the sorting order of the elements, add or remove elements involved in sorting, as well as add, delete, and rename sorting schemes themselves.

Armory Actions

Here is the complete list of the Armory actions with default shortcuts.

Editor actions

Editor shortcuts
Activate Armory Show Armory window and scroll to element Ctrl + Enter   Numpad 5  

Tree actions

Tree shortcuts
Collapse All Collapse all the tree elements Ctrl + Minus  
Increase width Increase width of the current tree Shift + Right  
Decrease width Decrease width of the current tree Shift + Left  
Scroll from Source Scroll to element opened in the editor
Select Next Tree Move focus to the next tree Tab   Alt + Right  
Select Previous Tree Move focus to the previous tree Ctrl + Tab   Alt + Left  

Element actions

Element shortcuts
Edit Source Jump to source of the currently selected element Ctrl + Enter   Numpad 5  
Move Up Move current element up Alt + Up  
Move Down Move current element down Alt + Down  
Show in Editor Show source of the element in the editor Enter  
Bold Make selected element bold Ctrl + B  
Italic Make selected element italic Ctrl + I  
Underline Make selected element underlined Ctrl + U  
Add as Root Add the element as root of the tree
Add as Root to... Add the element as root to another tree Ctrl + Up  

Grouping actions

Grouping shortcuts
Group Selected Elements Group selected elements Ctrl + Alt + Page Down  
Ungroup Selected Elements Ungroup selected elements Ctrl + Alt + Page Up  

Root actions

Root shortcuts
Remove Root Remove this root from the tree Ctrl + Delete  
Root Up Set as root of the tree parent of the current root