Key Features

Armory is powerful and flexible navigation tool for Java and other languages that refines your experience with the Intellij IDEA IDE in many ways, reduces the access time to the relevant parts of the code, makes navigation faster and development more productive. 

It allows users to quickly customize their programming workspace for a specific task by creating as many project views as needed.

Customizable Project Views

Armory makes the process of creating different project views really simple. You don't need any kind of the "favorites" or "bookmarks" anymore. Just create and customize new project view in a few clicks. 

Multiple roots

Any project view can contain many Root Elements inside. No metter what kind of an element do you want to add to the project view - all is possible. To add a new root to the project view just drop the element to the title area.

Grouping elements

Sometimes it is very useful to group certain elements by logic. If you don't want to create a separate class or package you can combine elements in a group. This does not affect the structure of the code, but visual perception of the class may become noticeably easier. Grouping is available not only for class members, but nearly for all types of items.

Navigation to the editor and vice versa

With Armory you can use the entire screen area more efficiently. This is achieved by splitting into two modes: navigation mode and editing mode. In both modes, the entire area of the screen available for a specific task. Switching between these two modes by pressing Ctrl + Enter.


IntelliJ IDEA is a keyboard-centric IDE (as well as other JetBrains products) and Armory continues this tradition. Despite all the Drag & Drop stuff that was descibed above Armory is mostly focused on the control via the keyboard. Every Armory action is available (or can be configured so) from the keyboard. See  list of keyboard shortcuts in the documentation.